jeudi 25 mars 2010

Interview: Harlem

Bagadule K-K

Aujourd'hui est un jour spécial. Aussi incroyable que cela puisse paraitre, j'ai enfin réussi à parler à la fille de mes rêves (je lui ai demandé 10 centimes). C'est pour moi une grande victoire.
Et comme une bonne nouvelle ne vient jamais seule, Hellhole Entrance a interviewé Harlem pour toi, lecteur.
Merci à Michael Coomers pour ses réponses.

So, can you introduce yourself? How did you get together?

Michael Coomers (guitar/vocals): The band is called Harlem, our names are interchangeable with verbs, punctuation marks, whatever. We met at a grammer expo.

Why “Harlem”? Is it better than Austin, TX?

M.C: Because bands in towns are always better than the towns. Although I wouldnt say we are a very good band so maybe we should have been from an even suckier town then we could definitely say we are better than where we are from.

Lo-fi rock/ garage rock/garage pop…two words are never enough. How would you describe your music?

M.C: I want people to describe it as very popular music and then faint like in a movie about inbred royalty.

You released your first LP “Free Drugs ;-)” on Female Fantasy Records and “Hippies” will be out on April 6th 2010 on Matador Records. What is the feeling when you sign for the first time with a label?

M.C: A sinking feeling, then a drowning feeling, then the moment when your lungs are totally filled with water and it feels like floating feeling, then nothingness forever.

You recently confirmed to play for The Primavera Festival in Barcelona. What does it means for you to be on the same stage than the Black Lips, The Oh Sees, Sic Alps, the King Khan and BBQ Show…?

M.C: It means everyone will be sick of dudes playing guitars by the time the last one of us plays.

Nashville, Atlanta, New York, Washington…Wouldn't it be nice to play in France, especially in south of France (we have real good wine, much better than California wine!)?

M.C: We are coming to France very soon. In may to be exact, I think may 26th in paris. Can you get the country to meet us at the airport like the beatles?

Your album titles are very tasty. Are you part of the “sex and drugs make nice music” bands?

M.C: I wish we were part of the "and make nice" bands but yeah those other words show up occasionally.

Tell me your favourite band(s) of 2009 and ONE song that everybody should listen before dying.

M.C: Curtis would probably say Beach House, Jose would probably say Spider Bags or some bro band, Ive been feeling Wendy Rene pretty hard. She sang that song "after laughter comes tears"

Before dieing "a midsummer nights dream" by Mendelssohn because everyone should fall in love before they die. I mean marriage is stupid but I like that answer anyways.

Some short questions now:

Touring van or airplane?

I want my whole house to move with me and get a dog and sit on the front porch.

Weed or LSD?

Depends, I'm not going to take lsd to calm down before bed.

Vinyle, tape, CD or mp3?

Who cares, its not about the artifact.

Harlem - Gay Human Bones
Harlem - Friendly Gost

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