mardi 20 juillet 2010

Interview : Weed Diamond

"All of my post-high school experiences are a big influence"

Grâce aux mille et une merveilles de l'internet, Hellhole Entrance a su contacter Weed Diamond et décrocher un interview top qualité. Je remercie Tim Perry pour sa gentillesse. C'était cool.

Please, can you introduce yourself? How did you all get together?

I'm Tim. Originally, it was just me back in August 2009, but after a while, we started to get a little more recognition and I asked all my friends to help me with live shows. Ever since then, we've all been writing together and its been really productive.

Why "Weed Diamond"? Is THC a good pal of yours?

The origin of the name is a little more boring than one would think. Danny (the drummer) and JT (guitarist) and I were waiting in line to see Robot Chicken live at Skate City and we were thinking of names and we decided to have a band name with "weed" in it. Danny ultimately came up with the name. And, most of us do smoke but its not really a lifestyle or anything. Its more rare than you think haha.

What are your biggest influences except weed?

I'd say all of my post-high school experiences are a big influence, at least in the lyrics. Musically, I'd say the Feelies or Wire or Yo La Tengo are my personal biggest influences.

Tell me about living in Denver, Colorado, is that cool or all wasted?

Haha, since August we've all moved out of Denver for different reasons. Denver has its moments, but it wasn't the place for me. Or any of us. Its definitely shaped all of us to be who we are now. So no, its not "all wasted". That song was written out of frustration with Denver and everything that was happening there at the time.

Denver's indie scene is bubbling up these days, with lots of really good bands, is that something you can feel on the spot?

Yeah definitely. Its really exciting to see our friends Woodsman touring the country and getting written about and stuff. Our friends from Fort Collins, M. Pyres and Candy Claws are both incredible and they are both doing a lot too.

Tell me about touring, about cool - or not so cool - places you've been. Is there a gig you'll remember for a long time?

We did a short tour in January with Tan Dollar which was amazing. We played in San Luis Obispo and that was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The show was in a huge mansion that apparently was built by a polygamist a long time ago. Its set up so its pretty much two separate houses, for his two wives to live in. There were secret doors leading to each side, too. By the end of the night we were all trashed and somehow we sold all of our Sweater Kids cassettes.

On this tour, I'd say that our show in Irvine, CA, at the university there was by far one of our best shows. The Smell was a really great venue and all the kids who showed up were so cool. We played a bunk show in Olympia BUT we got to play with Naomi Punk, who are one of my favorite current bands. Then we played in Seattle with a band called Witch Gardens who we all instantly fell in love with and we are gonna try and set up a tour with them sometime.

What are your plans for next months? Some fresh new releases? A smoky LP?

We are doing a 10" EP with Breakfast of Champions and a 12" LP with Royal Rhino Flying. After that we'll probably take a little break from big releases.

You wrote you were traveling to California, what do you guys listen over and over in the van?

We've been listening to a lot of Deerhoof and Feelies. And lots of comedy albums. Reakwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, too. And the new Drake album is amazing!!!

Et maintenant, pour finir de se décontracter, les bonus ou "Liens magiques de Tim Perry" :

... aussi tasty qu'un double whopper qui te coule sur les doigts.

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