lundi 26 juillet 2010

Going Away To College

"All tracks try to capture the sights and sound of a certain memory"

© Ed Templeton

L'enthousiasme, c'est super important pour réussir à vivre sans ordonnance. Sans ça, on se met à penser des choses obscures du genre "Le Midi Fest c'est pour les bobos" (véridique). Heureusement qu'il existe encore des jeunes comme Perry McAninsh qui te remontent un peu le moral avec leur fraîcheur tropicale venue du Midwest. Vive la jeunesse.

Your project is just 1-month old, what can you say about its birth?

Well, I asked my friend Aaron, who lives in Indiana, if he wanted to work on a project together, and he said yeah. So, we started sending bits and pieces of songs to each other to be added to. Later on, we decided it would be way easier to just wait until school started (we both go to Indiana University) so that we could be in the same room, so I just kept the Psychic Wedlock name to be used as my solo project.

Tell me about the name, Psychic Wedlock, how did come up with it?

It's this crazy paper written by Ida Craddock in the 19th century, all about initiation of relationships through sexual means.

What are your main influences - not necessary the musical ones?

I guess just memories. All tracks try to capture the sights and sound of a certain memory, whether it's from when I was 5 or yesterday.

I really dig your song called Peru 1911 SeeSaw, what is it all about?

Aaron did all the instrumental parts to that, but my lyrics are about having the perfect existence. If I could choose any life throughout the history of mankind, I would want to be an explorer/anthropologist in the early 1900's. 1911 was when Machu Picchu was discovered, and I imagined being that guy, and just sitting there on a seesaw with a buddy, and how awesome that'd be. So in that perfect moment, who would I want around me?

A tropical wave's breaking your MySpace page, is it because Ohio isn't that close to the ocean, palm trees and stuff?

Ha yeah, I write stuff with kind of tropical motifs, but it's only speculation because I've never lived in a tropical area.

You said you were surprised by all the attention you're getting, why?

It's just strange how quickly MySpace can garner attention for you. I mean we have like 3 songs, yet here I am answering questions for an interview.

What do you plan for the rest of summer? Write new tunes or just enjoy some lazy time on the sun?

Working, writing music, and most--importantly--impatiently awaiting for school to start.

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  1. just to say, i actually have the same haircut as those two little boys. except my hair is redish now. and i'm a girl. and i'm 24. anyway. i'm glad this isn't my mum.